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Private sector


Private sector

The Mission promotes interaction between private sector players and the Rome-based food agencies. In particular, there is very active focus on farmer organizations at national level.

- Coldiretti
The leading farmer organization at national and European level. A non-profit body, Coldiretti pursues the objectives of protecting the categories it represents, supporting the development of enterprise, farming and fishing in all their forms; it promotes the implementation of policies that contribute to decreasing climate change, rational use of water, soil and local territory, and keeping air clean. It also promotes research in the farming and fishing sectors.

- Confagricoltura
Italy's oldest farmers’ organization plays a role of representation and protection of agricultural enterprise pursuing economic, technological and social development of farming. It has a mission in the CNEL (National Council for Economy and Labour) and in all major institutions directly linked or relevant to agriculture. Confagricoltura is part of the Committee of Professional Agricultural organizations (COPA) and its employers’ section (GEOPA), as well as the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

- Italian Confederation of Farmers (CIA)
Italy’s CIA is a trade association of farming professionals, one of Europe’s biggest. It was founded in 1977 and is well established across Italian national territory with offices in all of the country’s regions and provinces. The CIA’s activities and initiatives include the field of nutrition education, protection and promotion of the environment, agritourism, and forestry. The confederation promotes organic farming and is actively engaged in the field of sourcing alternative energy.